The Legend of Toon Park

       One day in the Living Room, my family and I were planing a trip to this new park that we saw in the paper. "Lets go to this new park called Toon Park", said my dad, and everyone agreed. Then, we decided to have dinner and we went to bed early.
       The next day, my family and I got ready. After we got ready, we went out to the van and left for Toon Park. Thirty minutes later, we got there. We left the van and went into Toon Park. After many hours of having fun there, we sat down at a Picnic Area. While we were sitting down, an announcement came on a radio that said, "We interrupt this program to bring you this special bulletin. A hurricane warning has just been issued for this area. Everyone is advised to evacuate the area at once." After hearing this announcement, my family and I started to get up. "We have to leave now", said my dad. "I'm going to stay for a little bit while you head for the van", I replied. While my family was heading for the van, I started to wandered around. After I wandered around a bit, I saw that I was the only one left in the park and decided to leave the park. As I started to leave, a little blue guy that looked like a bunny and was about two and a half feet tall came up to me and said, "Don't go, I need you help with a water gun on the Water Works Ride! Come with us!".
       While the little blue guy was talking to me, I saw some other characters that were also his size, and a mouse that was a little smaller than him. Since that they needed my help, I decided to follow them. As I was following them, I somehow lost them. Then, I decided to head for the parking lot. When I got to the parking lot, I saw someone racing a go-cart in circles on the parking lot instead of my family in the van. Then, I decided to cut the guy in the go-cart off in the pass. As I was about to cut him off in the pass, the little blue guy shows up again saying, "Please don't go!" Suddenly, I was back with the group. I follow the group passed a closed baseball toss game where you have to get the baseball in the basket to win a prize.
       Then, I somehow lost the group again and went to the exit door. As I came to the exit door, I saw that it was getting dark and went back out to the parking lot to find my family waiting in the van. Then, I got into the van and started to explain why I took a long time to come. After I explained myself, my father said, "You are telling me a story. Never mind why you were late, lets get going.". My father started the van and we headed into a tunnel, but the tunnel was a lot smaller than it was before and we hit. I looked out the window and saw the little blue guy saying, "I'll remove the tunnel". Then, he lifted the tunnel with a crane or something and we started moving again. As we were moving, we hit a Red Light and stopped. Again, I looked out the window and saw the little blue guy. This time, he was saying, "Please come back!". Seeing the tears on little blue guy's face, I knew that he wasn't asking us to come to Toon Park again and that something is wrong. Since I felt bad for the little blue guy, I decided to find out what was wrong and got out of the van. As I was heading for the tunnel, the little blue guy came to me and said, "Please, put these on". He gave me a pair of Mickey Mouse Shoes and a pair of Four Fingered Gloves. Then, I put on the stuff the little blue guy gave to me and entered back into the park.
       It was already dark and cloudy as I walked into the parking lot. In the parking lot, I started to see street lights already coming on. As I headed toward the front lobby, the little blue guy came up to me and said, "My friends and I have already taken care of the water gun problem. Please wait hear for your family to return. When you family comes for you, tell them you want to take some plushies as souvenirs. They are yours for free because you have been a good sport for listening to me. I have to be going now". Suddenly, the little blue guy disappeared while my family comes back for me in the van. As the van pulls up in front of me, my dad rolled down the window and said angrily, "Take that stuff off, I don't know where you found it! And, lets get going, NOW!! The storm winds are starting to pick up!" I took the stuff off and started to come. Suddenly, I remembered the souvenirs and started to head towards the front lobby. As my dad was seeing me walk away, he said, "Get back here, NOW!!". I turned and started to explain to my dad, but he said, "Stories again". Then, I thought it over and said, "I'll come back, I promise. I just want to go get myself some souvenirs because someone wanted me to have them for free". "Okay", said my dad, "But, hurry up! We don't want to get caught in the hurricane!". Then, I left and went inside the lobby. As I was walking, I found plushies inside what appeared to be a small store of some sort. I went in and started to take something, but then realized that some of the plushies look exactly like the characters I was with. They were even the same size as the real characters. Since they were free, I started taking them and got all the characters that I was with except the little blue guy. Suddenly, my dad comes along and said, "Its time to go! I now understand that you were just after souvenirs. That's why I'm no longer mad at you.". "Wait, I'm looking for one more. It is a little blue bunny wearing a red shirt.", I responded.
       Then, my dad starts to look around, but could not find it. "You have plenty of large plushies there, you don't need another one. I will help you carry some of them.", he said. As my dad and I started carrying the large plushies, I noticed another plushie. It was the little blue guy. I picked him up and headed back to the van while it was getting very windy. When we got back to the van, I saw my dad placing the plushies in the back. When my dad finished and got into the driver's side of the van, I went into the back of the van with the plushies and closed the doors. Then, we started moving as I sat down. After I sat down, we headed out of the park again and back out on the road. As we went through a town, I started talking to my sister. I said, "When I was at the park, these characters were alive.". "Nice!", my sister said as she fell asleep. After she fell asleep, I watched the headlights go over me, my sleeping sister, and the plushies. Suddenly, the little blue guy gets up and while laying down on my lap, he said, "Thank you, you have saved us from a terrible slavery. We could never leave because when humans come along, we turn into plushies. But, nobody wanted to take us home. That's why we needed your help. You were the only one who believed and took the time to listen. Thank you for taking souvenirs, I am Buster Bunny. I will explain more to you later." After speaking, he turns back to a plushie while I started to watch the headlights go over me, my sleeping sister, and the plushies again.
       We traveled for another 15 minutes and we were home. I got out of the van and my dad and I carried the plushies to my room. "I see that you found that last plushie you were looking for", my dad said. As I went into my room, it started to rain hard against my window and was really windy. My dad and I placed the plushies down by my wall and he said, "Good night". He closed my door and I suddenly heard a clash of thunder and saw a flash of lightening. As I was about to turn the light off and go to bed, Buster Bunny got up again and said, "Thank you for taking us for souvenirs. The reason why we wanted to leave is that the mean Toon Master wanted to make slaves out of us. And, thanks to you, we are now free. We will always be here with you to play with you. The only way we could leave the park is becoming plushies. But, no one wanted to take us except you. The reason I didn't want you to leave yet was because I wanted you to take us for souvenirs. I apologize for getting your dad mad and having you put on Mickey Mouse Shoes and Four Fingered Gloves. It was the only way to get you back in the park undetected.". "Apology excepted, I really like you guys. My name is Erik, can I meet your friends?", I said. "Sure, I'll get them up", said Buster Bunny. Then, he went over and got the others up.
       "I want you to meet Plucky Duck, this green duck with the white shirt", said Buster Bunny. "Hey, I'm free", said Plucky Duck. Then, a golden brown mouse wearing a white shirt and a smaller light gray mouse wearing a red shirt got up and the golden brown mouse said, "Thank you, I'm Erik Mouse and the light gray mouse wearing a red shirt is Jeffrey Mouse". Then, a pig wearing light blue pants with overalls and a gray blue cat came over and said, "Thank you, I'm Hamton Pig and this is Furrball Cat." Then, Buster Bunny came back over and said, "Those are my friends. I hope that Toon Master isn't looking for us now". "Naah, there's a really bad storm out. Anyway, my name is Erik", I said. Then, Erik Mouse said, "Glad to meet you".
      Meanwhile, in an office like room in Toon Master's Mansion outside of Toon Park, Toon Master, a green alien type creature that was about four foot tall and wearing a purple business type suit said, "Jeffrey Mouse, bring me my dinner". But, Jeffrey Mouse did not show. "What!!? Jeffrey Mouse, where are you? Um, Okay then, Plucky Duck, bring me my dinner", continued Toon Master. But, Plucky Duck did not show either. "WHAT!!!? Where are they?, they better not have found a way to escape. I will find them.", said Toon Master again. Then, Toon Master gets up and walks into the hall.
       Back with me, I asked, "Buster Bunny, what would you like to do tomorrow?". "I don't know, lets sleep on it", replied Buster Bunny. I went into the other room and changed into my pajamas. A few minutes later, I came back into my bedroom and got into my bed. After I got into the bed, Buster Bunny climbed in next to me and said, "Seems like we're having a nasty storm. It's time for us to get some rest for the next day, lets get some sleep". Then, Erik Mouse and the rest of the characters climbed into the bed. "I'll be your friend because you saved us from a terrible slavery", Erik Mouse said. "Thank you, its nice to have friends like you", I responded. Then, I looked at Buster Bunny who was starting to look sad with tears and said, "Buster Bunny, what's the matter? You seem upset.". "Oh, its nothing, I just miss Babs Bunny", Buster Bunny replied. "Babs Bunny?, what does she looked like?", I asked.
       Before Buster Bunny had a chance to answer, I heard a clash of thunder and saw a flash of lightening. Then, I heard the wind and the rain against the house. "She is a pink bunny my size who wears a yellow shirt and a purple skirt", answered Buster Bunny. "I'm sorry, but I didn't see her when I got souvenirs from Toon Park", I said. "She wasn't with our group, they say that Toon Master has her locked up somewhere with others, but I don't know the location.", said Buster Bunny. Then, I exclaimed, "Maybe I can help you find her and the others, and free them! Tomorrow, we can go down into my basement where my playroom is and talk some more on where we could start searching! We are only a few towns away from Toon Park!". "Thank you, we will talk tomorrow. We need to go to sleep and get some rest now", said Buster Bunny. Then, he and the others went plush while I turned off the light, laid down, and tried to get some sleep. I moved the Buster Bunny and Erik Mouse plushies closer to me while I heard a clash of thunder and saw a flash of lightening outside the window. While I was listening to the wind pick up and the rain against the window, I feel fast asleep.
       The next morning, I got up and went downstairs. When I got downstairs, I saw my mother in the kitchen and my father in the living room reading the Newspaper. "Good Morning, would you like to have some Pancakes for breakfast?", my mother asked. "Sure", I answered. "Here you are, come and get your plate and sit at the table.", my mother said. I came over to where my mother is and got the Pancakes. After I got the Pancakes, I sat down and ate them. "That was good", I said to my mother. "Thank you", my mother replied. "I'm going back upstairs and bringing the large plushies that I got from Toon Park down to the Basement", I said. "Have fun, your father and I have to run out shortly to do some shopping and running around", my mother replied. Then, I went upstairs and got dressed. After I got dressed, I picked up the six large plushies and headed downstairs. While I was coming downstairs with them, I ran into my mother and father. "Erik, we are leaving now, be good.", said my mother. "Good Bye", I replied.
       As my parents went out the door, I carried the large plushies downstairs to the basement where my playroom is and put the plushies down. After I put the plushies down, Buster Bunny got up and said, "Good Morning, lets talk about how to find and rescue Babs Bunny and the others". "Okay, where should we begin the search?", I asked. Suddenly, Buster Bunny and I felt a breeze of cool air. "Hey, where did that breeze come from?", said Buster Bunny. "Maybe the window is open again.", I answered. Then, I went towards the window while the others got up and I saw that the window was closed tight. "I guess that draft didn't come from here. Where could that breeze have come from then?", I said. "Let me look around and see if I can feel that breeze", Erik Mouse answered. He came over to the window and then went around the basement until he stopped by the back wall of the basement. "Hey, I feel the breeze coming from this wall!", exclaimed Erik Mouse. Then, I came over and felt the breeze and said, "You're right, I never felt the draft down here before". I felt around the wall and looked for a hidden door, but couldn't find a thing. "Okay, maybe it is just a crack somewhere near the ceiling", I said. I walked away and kicked a Soccer Ball. The Soccer Ball bounced against the other wall and it came back and hit the wall where the breeze came from.
    While the Soccer Ball bounced away, a small part of the wall where the wall meets the floor slid open. The opening was about two feet by two feet and looked like a crawl space. "Hey, I wonder where that goes!", exclaimed Erik Mouse. "Why don't I get my two Flashlights and my Wooden Baseball Bat so we can find out what's in there", I said. "Why your Baseball Bat?", asked Buster Bunny. "Because, you never know what might be living in there", I replied. "Right, we may run into some creature in there!", exclaimed Buster Bunny. Then, I went upstairs to my room and got my two Flashlights. I came back downstairs and got my Baseball Bat out of my Sport Equipment Box. After getting the Baseball Bat, I came over to the crawl space that I opened with my Soccer Ball and turned on one of the Flashlights. Then, I gave the other Flashlight to Buster Bunny and he turned it on. After he turned it on, we turned both Flashlights toward the crawl space and we saw more floor, but also more darkness in the crawl space. "Looks like we are going to have to crawl through. I'll go first and you and your friends can follow right behind me, Buster Bunny.", I said. "Okay!", said Buster Bunny. Then, I got down and crawled through the hole. As I crawled, I came into another room and stood up. Then, Buster Bunny, Erik Mouse, Jeffrey Mouse, Hamton Pig, Plucky Duck, and Furrball Cat came through behind me.
       After everyone came into the room, I took the Flashlight and shone it around the room and saw stone stairs going down. As I was looking around with the Flashlight, I suddenly saw a Light Brown Bunny that was the size of Buster Bunny wearing blue and white overalls lying on the floor. "Looks like another plush character on the floor, Buster Bunny", I said. "Let me see if he is one of our kind and that he just gone plush", said Buster Bunny. Then, Buster Bunny walked over and tapped the Light Brown Bunny. The Light Brown Bunny got up and said, "Hello, there. I'm Ivan Bunny. Who is the human boy with you?". "He is Erik, our friend", Buster Bunny answered. "I must warn you it isn't very safe down here in these corridors", warned Ivan Bunny. "Well, I'm Erik, and this is Buster Bunny, Erik Mouse, and Plucky Duck", I said. "I'm Hamton Pig and this is Jeffrey Mouse and Furrball Cat", said Hamton Pig. "Glad to meet you. When I first saw the Secret Door open, I went plush and tried to hide because I thought it was Toon Master's Henchmen that discovered the Secret Door. Please follow me to a big room that is down one level. That is where I have been staying to hide from the evil Toon Master.", said Ivan Bunny.
       Suddenly, Ivan Bunny turned on his Flashlight and headed over to the open Secret Door. While getting ready to push a Square Rock in the wall next to the open Secret Door, Ivan Bunny said, "Erik, we can't leave this open because anyone that comes down in your basement will notice the opening, and it wouldn't be a secret anymore". Then, Ivan Bunny pushed the Square Rock in the wall and the door closed. After the door closed, it was more dark in the hidden room. The only thing that we could see was the light from the Flashlights. Suddenly, we saw the light from the Flashlight in Ivan Bunny's paw move towards the stone stairs. "Follow me", said Ivan Bunny. Then, we followed Ivan Bunny down the stone stairs to a long hallway. As we followed the hallway, we came to a split where you can go straight, left, or right. I decided to shine my Flashlight to the right. While looking down that hallway, I saw a Small Treasure Chest and asked, "Ivan Bunny, do you have any idea what is in that Treasure Chest?". "No, I never explored that way, lets check it out.", replied Ivan Bunny. Then, we followed Ivan Bunny to the Treasure Chest. When we got closer to the Treasure Chest, we suddenly saw the symbols '200 GC' carved on the front of it. The Treasure Chest appeared to be a foot high, a foot wide, and two feet long. After looking at the Treasure Chest, Ivan Bunny opened it and we saw the shining of Gold Coins in it.
       Seeing the Gold Coins, we came over to examine them while I was shining my flashlight on them. Peering down and looking at the Gold Coins closer, they appeared be be around the size of half dollars. Remembering the symbols that I saw on the side of the Treasure Chest, I said, "I think that there is 200 Gold Coins in this treasure chest because the symbols on the side of the chest must stand for 200 Gold Coins". "Lets bring the Gold Coins with us", said Ivan Bunny. "Good idea! Erik Mouse, do you think you can pick up and carry the Treasure Chest?", I asked. "I think that I could", Erik Mouse replied. Erik Mouse went over to the Treasure Chest and bent over to pick it up. Slowly, he picked it up and said, "It is pretty light". "Lets go!", said Ivan Bunny. After Erik Mouse picked up the Treasure Chest, we followed Ivan Bunny by the light of his Flashlight back down the hall. We came back to the split and Ivan Bunny went to the right. I looked to the left with my Flashlight and noticed the stone stairs which was the way we came when we first came down here. After looking back the way we came, I turned and followed Ivan Bunny and the others down the hall. Suddenly, we came to another split that you can only go right or left. I looked to my left with my Flashlight and saw a small wooden box and asked, "Ivan Bunny, do you have any idea what is in that Wooden Box?". "No, I never explored that way either, lets check it out.", replied Ivan Bunny. Then, we followed Ivan Bunny to the wooden box.
       When we got closer to the Wooden Box, we suddenly saw the number '50' carved on the front of it. The Wooden Box appeared to be about a foot high, one and a quarter foot wide, and two and a half feet long. After looking at the Wooden Box, Ivan Bunny opened the box and we saw that it had Tennis Balls in it. The Tennis Balls appeared to be a yellowish color with no symbols on them. Remembering the number that I saw on the side of the box, I said, "I think that there are 50 Tennis Balls in this Wooden Box because the number on the side of the box must stand for 50 Tennis Balls". "Lets bring the Tennis Balls with us", said Ivan Bunny. "Good idea!", I replied. Then, Ivan Bunny gave me a sack to put the Tennis Balls in. I took the sack and started to fill it with Tennis Balls. After I put all the Tennis Balls in the sack, I closed the wooden box and Ivan Bunny said, "Lets go!". We followed Ivan Bunny by the light of his Flashlight back down the hall. We came to the split and Ivan Bunny went straight.
       While continuing to follow Ivan Bunny, I looked to the right and saw a Gray Steel Door with a Barred Window. I stopped and shone my Flashlight through the window into the room on the other side of the door and saw that the room was empty. Then, I tried to open the door, but it was locked. Since I didn't have a key, I continued down the hall following Ivan Bunny. While continuing to move down the hall, I noticed another Gray Steel Door to our right like the first. I stopped again and shone my Flashlight through the window into the room on the other side of the door and and saw that the room was empty like the other one I looked into. Then, I tried to open the door, but it was also locked. Since I didn't have a key, I continued down the hall following Ivan Bunny. Suddenly, I came up to where Ivan Bunny has stopped and saw a Gray Steel Door to our left. Then, I saw Ivan Bunny pull out some keys on a key ring and unlocked the door. Ivan Bunny opened the door and we followed him in. After following him in, Ivan Bunny closed and locked the door behind us and said, "Erik Mouse, I'm going to unlock the door to the right first. It is an empty room where you can put the treasure chest down." Then, Ivan Bunny unlocked and opened the door to the right. Erik Mouse went in and placed the treasure chest down in a corner. "Thank you, I was getting kind of tired of carrying the treasure chest", said Erik Mouse. Erik Mouse came out and Ivan Bunny closed and locked the door. Then, Ivan Bunny unlocked and opened the door to our left. After unlocking and opening the door to our left, we entered into a large room.
       Looking down at the floor with my Flashlight, I noticed that there was a Blue Carpet on the floor instead of the stone floor. After seeing the Blue Carpet, I turned around and saw Ivan Bunny close and lock the door. "Let me light the Candles and Torches in this room", said Ivan Bunny. Then, he took out a match and scraped it against the stone wall. It lit up and Ivan Bunny lit a Torch. He used the Torch to light up the other Torches and Candles in the room. After Ivan Bunny lit all the Torches and Candles, he turned off his Flashlight while the room became bright enough to see all around it without a Flashlight. Since it was bright enough to see, Buster and I turned off our Flashlights. Then, I looked back at the north wall with the doorway that we came into the room from and saw an opening with a stone staircase going up to the left of the doorway. To the left of the opening, I saw a Bookshelf with all kinds of things on it.

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