After looking around, I turned toward Ivan Bunny and he said, "Welcome to the big room where I have been staying to hide from the evil Toon Master. Now, what brings you down here?". "We came down here in hopes of finding and freeing Babs Bunny from the evil Toon Master", I replied. "Before we talk any further, lets sit down at the table", Ivan Bunny said. Ivan Bunny walked over and sat at a Small Wooden Table near the northeast corner where the Bookshelf is. The table was at least nine feet away from the Bookshelf and next to the west wall. It was small and had four Wooden Chairs on all sides with four other chairs nearby. We walked over to the table to sit down, but saw that there was not enough chairs for everyone. When Ivan Bunny noticed that there was not enough chairs, he got up and went to where he had about eight extra Wooden Chairs and brought over four chairs. While Ivan Bunny was getting the chairs, I put down the sack of 50 Tennis Balls I was carrying and sat down at the table. After I sat down at the table, Ivan Bunny came over with the four chairs and placed them around the table and sat down at the table. Then, the other characters came over and sat down at the table and Ivan Bunny said looking sad, "I'm sorry, but I don't know where Babs Bunny is being held captured". Suddenly, Ivan Bunny brightened up and continued, "You can follow these corridors. They may take you somewhere.". "But, before we go Ivan Bunny, what is up those stairs to the left of the doorway we came in here from?", I asked. "That goes up to the inside of the trunk of a tree. Let me show you.", replied Ivan Bunny. Then, we got up and headed for the stairs.
       Looking at the stairs more closer, I saw that they went straight up. We followed the stairs upward until we saw some daylight. Suddenly, I noticed that we came up inside of a tree with a fat trunk. It appeared to be the Oak Tree in my backyard because it was the only tree in my backyard that had a trunk that was almost four feet wide. "Erik, take a look out through here.", said Ivan Bunny. Then, Ivan Bunny opened a small door inward that appeared to be a knot on the tree where a branch may have been. I looked through the opening and saw my house and the picket fence surrounding my yard. Suddenly, I noticed someone dressed in dark clothes, with two other shorter guys dressed in gray instead of dark clothes heading toward the back door. Seeing them, I realized that the back door wasn't locked and said, "We better get going and continue our search to find and rescue the others". "Good thing I closed the secret door to your basement, Erik", said Ivan Bunny. Then, we started back down the stairs to the large room.
       Meanwhile, at the back door of Erik's house, the guy dressed in dark clothes said to his companions dressed in gray, "Soldiers, lets get those characters to the van and back to Toon Master.". "Yes, Officer Dave", said the soldiers. They went to the door and knocked. Since no one answered the door, one of the soldiers exclaimed, "Why don't we just go in, Sir!". "Yes, the order was to bring the characters back to Toon Master". replied Officer Dave. They tried the door, and the door opened and they went inside. "Lets check this place from top to bottom. The Tracking Device shows that the characters are somewhere in this house.", said Officer Dave. "Yes, Sir!", the soldiers said. They went up to the attic and searched it, but didn't find any of the characters. After searching the attic, they came back down to the second floor and searched the three bedrooms and the rest of the second floor. Still, they didn't find any of the characters. Little did they know that the tracker that was on Buster Bunny fell off and was kicked under Erik's bed. After searching the second floor, they went downstairs to the first floor and searched the Living Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, and the rest of the first floor. Still, they didn't find any characters. Then, Officer Dave said, "Lets check the basement, they have to be down there." They went downstairs into the basement and searched around, but still didn't find any characters. Suddenly, Officer Dave said, "What? This piece of junk, it shows that the characters are here. But, we didn't find them in this house. I'm getting rid of the piece of junk." He shut off the Tracking Device and threw it into Erik's toy box with the other stuff. Then, Officer Dave said, "Lets go back to Toon Master and tell him that the Tracking Device he gave us was defective." They went back upstairs and out the back door. Officer Dave said, "Don't forget to close the back door. We don't want anyone to know that someone was in the house.". Then, one of the soldiers closed the door and they left.
       Back with me, we came back into the large room. I said, "We better continue our search if we are going to ever find and free the other characters". "I am a peace loving bunny. It would be better off if I stay here.", Ivan Bunny said. "Okay, does anyone else want to stay behind with Ivan Bunny?", I asked. "Yes, I would like to stay with Ivan Bunny in this big room, I'm not up for traveling.", replied Hamton Pig. "Okay, you can stay here Hamton Pig, and we'll be back", I said. Then, Ivan Bunny came over and said, "I will open the doors for you and give you my spare Gray Key". Ivan Bunny went over to the door and unlocked it. After Ivan Bunny unlocked the first door, he went to the next door and unlocked it. Then, he came back and gave me the spare Gray Key and said, "Lock the doors on your way out so I know that I'm safe". "Sure", I said. Suddenly, Buster Bunny went towards the door and Plucky Duck, Erik Mouse, Jeffrey Mouse, and Furrball Cat followed. Seeing the characters starting to leave, I picked up the sack of 50 Tennis Balls and followed them out the door. After all the characters that were going with me came through the door to join me, I closed and locked the door. Since it was dark in the room, I turned on my Flashlight.
       We went out into the hallway and I closed and locked the door after everyone was out. Buster Bunny turned on his Flashlight while I looked to the left down the hallway and saw another Gray Steel Door on the right side of the hallway. Seeing another Gray Steel Door, I went over to the door and shone my Flashlight through the window into the room on the other side of the door. Looking into the room, I saw that there is a Small Wooden Box in the room just like the one that we found Tennis Balls in. Then, I unlocked and opened the door and went over to the Small Wooden Box. When I got closer to the Wooden Box, I saw that it had the number '50' carved in front of it like the other Small Wooden Box that we found. The Wooden Box was the same size as the other one as well. I opened the box and we saw that it had Tennis Balls in it. The Tennis Balls appeared to be a yellowish color with no symbols on them. Remembering the number that I saw on the side of the box, I thought to myself, "I think that there is also 50 Tennis Balls in this Wooden Box like the other one". Then, I put the sack down and started to put the Tennis Balls into the sack. After I put all the Tennis Balls into the sack, I closed the Wooden Box and picked up the sack which was now filled with 100 Tennis Balls. I left the room and closed and locked the door.
       Then, I rejoined with the rest of the characters that were going with me and said, "In that room, there were only 50 Tennis Balls". We turned around and I started down the hall while the characters followed me close behind. We followed the hallway until we came to a split where you can go right or straight. I shone my Flashlight straight and saw a Small Wooden Box that we already emptied before. "We already checked out that Wooden Box when we first came through here", I said. Then, we went to the right and I shone my flashlight straight ahead to see the stone stairs going up, and remembered that was the way we came down here. We went straight until we came to a split where you can go straight, left, or right. Then, I decided to shine my flashlight to the left. I saw that it was a dead end now after we took the Treasure Chest that was there. "Lets go to the right since we didn't go that way", I said. We went to the right and followed the hallway until we came to where the hallway turned to the left. Then, we turned left and saw stone stairs going up. Looking up the stairs, we saw that it was dark and we continued up the stairs. After we went up the stairs, we went straight until we came to another turn that went to the right.
       We turned right and continued down the hall. Soon the hall became cave like as we came to the end of the hall where it turned to the right. As we turned right, we looked to see sunlight to our right. Then, we went towards the sunlight to noticed that the cave entrance was covered with branches and plants growing down the side of the hill. After we pushed our way through the branches and plants, we saw that we were towards the northeast corner of my backyard by the hillside. Suddenly, I saw that this was the wooded back corner of the yard when I looked to the left and saw the Picket Fence to the left. Then, I noticed that the Picket Fence had an old gate on it blocking a path heading into more woods. We walked away from where we came out and I turned around to see that the cave is completely hidden from the branches and plants. The hillside was also covered with trees. I turned back around and we headed southwest toward my house. Suddenly, Buster Bunny said, "Since it is such a bright sunny day today, we will spend some time exploring and playing in your yard". "Go ahead, I will go in and see what my mom and dad are doing", I replied. After that, Buster Bunny said, "When you come back, where should we go next?". "I think that we should look for a way to get to and head to Toon Master's Mansion as it is 25 miles away and next to Toon Park. Once there, we can find and free anyone else that is still there.", I answered. "That's a good idea", said Buster Bunny. Then, I went to the backdoor and put the Wooden Bat, Gray Key, and sack of 100 Tennis Balls down and went inside.
       As I went into the kitchen, I decided to make myself a Ham Sandwich for lunch. I made a Ham Sandwich and ate it with some Apple Juice. Then, I went into the dinning room and saw that my mom and dad were home in the living room. "Hi, Mom and Dad", I said. "Erik, what's up?", my mom asked. "Oh, nothing", I answered. I looked at the clock and saw that it is almost 1:00 PM. "Well, I'm going into the study to read a book. Is it okay if I do that?", I asked. "Sure, go ahead", my dad answered. Then, I went into the study. "Maybe if I read something about the property, I might be able to figure out how to get to Toon Master's Mansion", I thought to myself. I sat down at the desk and looked around and found what appeared to be an old layout map of the property sticking out of a small folder. I picked up the folder and saw the words 'Property Records' written on it. I opened the folder and saw a paper with information. Scanning the paper, it appeared to have been written years ago. I saw an entry about an Old Wagon somewhere in the northeast corner of the backyard, but luckily nothing on the cave we've been in. "Perhaps it was never discovered by humans", I thought to myself. Then, I put the folder away and decided to see if we could use the wagon. I left the study and went to the Living Room where my mom and dad were. "I'm going back outside", I said. "Have fun", my mom replied. I went back outside and picked up the Wooden Bat, Gray Key, and Sack of 100 Tennis Balls and headed toward the northeast corner of the yard. When I came to the northeast corner of the yard, I called to Buster Bunny and the other characters and they came over to greet me. "Hey, I think I've found a way to get to Toon Master's Mansion", I said. "How?", asked Buster Bunny. "Somewhere around here is an Old Wagon that we could use", I replied. We started to search around for the wagon. After a while of searching, I discovered part of a wagon sticking out of the hillside between where the Hidden Cave Entrance is and the Picket Fence on the east side of the yard. Seeing a part of the wagon, I called to the characters and they came over to me. "I called you over because I think I just found the wagon", I said. Buster Bunny took a look at the part sticking out and said, "Looks like it is covered with leaves and branches. Lets work together to get it uncovered.". Buster Bunny, Erik Mouse, Jeffrey Mouse, Plucky Duck, Furrball Cat, and I worked together to removed the leaves and branches.
       After a while of working, we uncovered the wagon and I pulled the wagon out from under an opening in the hillside. When I pulled the wagon out, we saw that it was a covered wagon. "Looks like we are going to need a horse to pull it. It'll be slow, but I don't know if it is going to make it to Toon Master's Mansion or not.", I said. "But, where are we going to find a horse?", asked Buster Bunny. Thinking to myself, I looked at the wagon to find where to hook the horse up and noticed that this wagon is moved by pedals like on a bicycle instead of a horse. "Hey, it looks like we don't need a horse after all", I said. I climbed into the back of the wagon with the Wooden Bat, Gray Key, and Sack of 100 Tennis Balls I was carrying. After I got onto the wagon, I went towards the front and put what I was carrying down. Then, I noticed a chair and sat down in it. After I sat down, I put my feet on the pedals and started to pedal backwards. Suddenly, the wagon started to back up away from the hillside slowly. After I started to back the wagon up, I noticed a wheel for turning the wagon and turned the wheel to the left. The wagon suddenly backed to the left with the front of the wagon facing east. I stopped pedaling and called to the characters to climb aboard. The characters came aboard and Buster Bunny asked, "How did you move the wagon?". "By pedaling these pedals and turning the wheel at the front of the wagon", I answered. "This appears to be the type of wagon invented by Calamity Coyote. But, I wonder how it got here", said Buster Bunny. "Well, when we find Calamity Coyote, we could ask him", I said. Then, I started to pedal forward and we started to move.
       As I pedaled, I turned the wagon to the right and turned around so that the wagon was facing west. Then, I continued to pedal the wagon and follow along the hillside until I came to the Picket Fence on the west side of the yard. On this side of the yard by the hillside was a gate big enough to fit the wagon though. Seeing the gate, I stopped the wagon and got off to open it. After I opened the gate, I got back on the wagon. Then, I started to pedal again and moved the wagon through the gate. When I got the wagon completely through the gate, I got off again to close the gate. After I closed the gate, I got back on the wagon. I started to pedal again and the wagon started to move. I turned the wagon to the left and headed to the stone covered road that bordered the yard and house to the south. When we came to the stone covered road, I turned the wagon to the right and started to follow it. We followed it for a mile and saw that the Wooded Hill that borders my yard to the north got smaller and the top of it started to become level with the ground. Soon after, the hill disappeared as the top of it became level with the ground and became the edge of a forest. We continued to follow the stone covered road until the edge of the forest ended and we saw a Grassy Plain. Then, we came to a bridge crossing a river. We crossed the river and suddenly we came to a fork in the road where it either goes to the north or to the south. I remembered going to the south when I went to Toon Park with my family, so I decided to make a left. I made a left and continued to follow the stone covered road.
       After traveling for many miles, we came to a Paved Road with double yellow lines in the middle of it and white lines on the side. "This must be a road where cars travel on, and I remember that we made a right on to this when I first went to Toon Park with my family", I thought to myself. Since I saw that the extreme sides of the paved road are stone covered, I decided to stay on the extreme side of the road and made a right on to it and stayed on the stones. We followed the road while the characters went plush. While following the road, it suddenly turned to the south and we continued to follow it. After following the road for ten miles and passing a few cars, we suddenly came closer to a town. Suddenly, I saw a Paved Side Road heading east through fields. I remembered that we went through the town when I first went to Toon Park with my parents. But, I decided not to take the wagon through the town because it might cause a disturbance in the town and made a left on to the Paved Side Road. We stayed to the extreme side of it while heading east away from the town. After traveling for another few miles, the road suddenly turned to the south. We went to the south and continued traveling for another few more miles until we came to a fork in the road where you could only go east or west. I looked to the west and saw that it headed into town, then I looked to the east and saw that way it headed through a field. I made a left and stayed to the extreme side and headed east.
       As we traveled for almost another mile, the road suddenly turned to the south. We turned south and continued traveling for a few more miles until the road turned to the west. We turned to the west and after we traveled for a few more miles, we came to a four way intersection. I looked to the north and saw that way headed into a town. "This must be the same road we were following when it headed into a town, because I remember leaving town, passing this intersection, and heading into another town", I thought to myself. Then, I looked to the south and saw that way headed into another town. A second later, I looked straight and saw that it headed through field. I decided to go straight and we went straight. As we traveled for a few miles, the road suddenly turned to the south. We turned south and traveled for about seven miles until we came to another four way intersection with a traffic light. I looked straight ahead and saw the entrance to Toon Park. It didn't have the Toon Tunnel there that we bumped into when leaving Toon Park for the first time there. "Maybe they currently have it up for some reason. Well, it means I don't have to put on the Mickey Mouse Shoes and Four Fingered Gloves as we didn't have to when I first came to Toon Park with my family", I thought to myself. Since we had the Green Light, I headed into Toon Park.
       We headed around the bend towards the Parking Lot. When we entered into the Parking Lot, I saw that there were no cars parked there. "Maybe Toon Park isn't back open since last night's storm", I thought to myself. Just then, the characters got up and Buster Bunny came up front and said, "I think that we better stay here where it safe while you go though Toon Park to Toon Master's Mansion". "Okay, I'll pull it into the woods where the wagon could be hidden". I moved the wagon into the woods behind some trees. Then, I got out and headed to the Main Lobby Entrance. When I got to the doorway, I went inside and decided to head to where I got the souvenirs and found that the door to the shop was locked. I looked in through the window and luckily I saw that there wasn't any large plushies in there. Then, I headed into the ride area and saw that it was deserted except for a White Female Bunny that was a little bigger than Buster Bunny. She was wearing a Pink Checker Shirt and apron with a Flowered Dress and a Yellowish Small Hat with flowers in the front and with her ears sticking out of both sides of it. I walked up to her and noticed her looking very sad and crying.
       Seeing the White Female Bunny looking sad, I said to her, "Hello there, what's the matter?". She turned and said, "Its my children, they were beaten and hurting badly. When I found them, I couldn't stand to see them suffer the pain they were in. So, I had no choice but to give them some herbs I had to put them into Suspended Plush Animation". "What is Suspended Plush Animation?", I asked. "It is when a character is turned to the Permanent Plush State so that the character can rest from severe injury. But, for the character to do that, they need to take some special herbs first. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get my children out of Suspended Plush Animation because the coyote that sold me these special herbs only told me what they do. I would love to see the smiles on their faces, but I don't know if I'll ever see them again", she said sadly. "Well, maybe the coyote that sold you those special herbs could tell us how to get your children out of Suspended Plush Animation", I said. "I will go with you to help you find the coyote that sold me these herbs when it is time. But, I must first show you where I hid my resting children so we can bring them with us. We will have to be very gentle with them. Even though that they are currently plush, their beaten condition still remains while it heals, she said. "Outside behind some trees is a wagon with some other characters aboard it that I rescued from this place. I will help you get your children on the wagon", I said. "Yes, I want to leave here. Toon Master is very mean to us by forcing us characters to work in this park", she said. "I'm Erik, what is your name?", I asked. "I'm Linda Bunny", she answered.
       Then, I followed Linda Bunny to a nearby shack and she opened the door. Inside towards the back right corner laying on Blankets was a little Pink Bunny wearing a Golden Yellow Dress with little White Flowers on it and a little Sandy Colored Bunny wearing a Golden Yellow Shirt and Light Blue Pants with overalls. The little Sandy Colored Bunny also had a Light Blue Bow on its neck and a Light Blue Bow at the base of its right ear. "These are your children?", I asked. "Yes, they're Kimmy Bunny and Ethan Bunny. Kimmy is the pink bunny and Ethan is the sandy colored bunny. But, I'm missing two other children. One is a Gray Bunny named Gregg Bunny and the other is a White Bunny named Emily Bunny. If you see her, you would think she's Frosty the Snowbunny. They are somewhere inside of Toon Master's Mansion beaten and hurting badly, but they have not been giving these herbs. So, you will need to hurry and get into Toon Master's Mansion and find them. If they are not giving these herbs soon to be put into Suspended Plush Animation to rest from their severe injury, they will die.", said Linda Bunny. "Okay, I will go and find them quickly", I said. A second later, she opens a secret compartment and pulls out a Bunny Suit that looks like Ethan Bunny. The Bunny Suit was the exact size of Ethan Bunny. Unlike a Mascot Costume, it was all one piece. "Erik, this is a Bunny Suit in an exact replica of my son, Ethan Bunny that I made. I want you to wear this to get into Toon Master's Mansion. You will be able to see out of it through the black part of the eyes. They will think you are my son, Ethan Bunny.", Linda Bunny said. "But, how do I put it on", I asked. "Then, she turns the Bunny Suit around to show me the back of it. On the back, I saw that it had a White Cotton Tail pulled through a slit in the Light Blue Pants.

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